• Technical Library

Motion Control Technical Library

  • DC Motor Tutorials
    DC Motor Tutorials

    Download white papers and technical articles for support documentation and overview information about coreless (brush) DC motor technology.

  • Brushless DC Motor Tutorials
    Brushless DC Motor Tutorials

    Download white papers and articles for best practices and suggestions for applications incorporating FAULHABER brushless DC motors.

  • Encoder Tutorials
    Encoder Tutorials

    Engineering white papers and technical resources about encoder technology and tips for selecting different encoder technologies.

  • Stepper Motor Tutorials
    Stepper Motor Tutorials

    Engineering documentation and white paper resources for FAULHABER stepper motors and how to select stepper motors per application.

  • Gearhead Tutorials
    Gearhead Tutorials

    Assorted white papers and technical guides about different gearhead technologies, and what to consider when designing a configured motion system (motor + gearhead)..

  • Piezo Motor Tutorials
    Piezo Motor Tutorials

    Additional informatiopn about Piezoelectric motors, and understanding the Piezo LEGs products.

  • Technology Guide
    Technical Information

    Detailed explanations and technical information for the various drive components, calculation examples and detailed descriptions on the design of motors, gearheads, linear components, encoders and drive electronics.

  • FAULHABER Motion Manager Software -  Downloads
    Motion Manager: Software

    FAULHABER Motion Manager software provides the user with comprehensive support for start-up and configuration of FAULHABER drive electronics for motion control. The graphic user interface makes uniform and intuitive procedures possible independent of the device family and interface.

  • Video Gallery

    Archive of product overview, demonstration videos of FAULHABER MICROMO applications, and how various products cater to diverse markets.