Stepper Motor Tutorials & Whitepapers

Why Stepper Motors Lose Steps

Why Stepper Motors Lose StepsWhile stepper motors are an excellent solution for many applications, a key concern is step losses. However, in most instances step losses can be prevented or corrected. It is important to remember that a stepper motor does not operate like a DC motor. This white paper provides guidance to determine step losses or non-operation across a variety of applications. 

Microstepping - Myths and Realities

Microstepping Myths and RealitiesConsidering microstepping a stepper motor? The lure of microstepping a two-phase stepper motor may sound enticing, and although resolution will increase, accuracy will actually suffer. This white paper presents the myths and realities of microstepping, and what to consider before making design commitments or implementation.

Implementation of Redundancy in Stepper Motors

Stepper RedundancySome of the recent research activities in the area of electric motor drives for critical applications (such as aerospace and nuclear power plants) are focused on looking at various fault tolerant motor and drive topologies. After discussing different solutions, this paper focuses on a miniature PM stepper motor design which falls in this fault tolerant category by providing an increased redundancy.