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FAULHABER Motion Issue 2018.2

Faulhaber Motion magazine issue 2018.2The second edition of the 2018 FAULHABER motion magazine focuses on a variety of aerospace applications, including a Mars rover, deployed to measure potential seismic activity on the red planet, as well as a new mini robot to provide some assistance to the International Space Station crew. This edition also features the new FAULHABER BXT flat brushless dc motor series, just launched in late 2018. Check it out!

FAULHABER Motion Issue 2018.1

Faulhaber Motion magazine issue 2018.1The 2018.1 edition of FAULHABER motion features an article about PRECIstep's 30 year anniversary. Application case studies in this issue include an incubator for premature newborn babies, as well as the inner workings of a lighthouse beacon. There's also an article about concert pianos and how they work. The main focus of this issue is the launch of the powerful new FAULHABER 16mm brushless DC motor - the 1660 BHx series. Check it out now!

FAULHABER Motion Issue 2017.2

Faulhaber Motion magazine issue 2017.2In this edition of FAULHABER motion you can read about the next Mars Rover mission scheduled for 2020 and how drive systems from FAULHABER will help to provide a better picture of the geological structures of the planet's surface, and also you will discover how FAULHABER drive systems make reliable and precision handling of organic sediment samples of deep-sea trenches possible under similar extreme conditions.

FAULHABER Motion Issue 2017.1

Faulhaber Motion magazine issue 2017.1In this issue, you can read about how a kinetic sculpture illustrates the driving pleasure of the future, how much more punch there is in the lightweight DC servo motors of the BP4 series, and what general sales manager Marcus Remmel has to say about markets, sales strategies and the innovative strength of FAULHABER in an interview.

FAULHABER Motion Issue 2016.2

Faulhaber Motion magazine issue 2016.2In this issue, you can read about how micro motors are used to provide additional safety to free climbing, motorized ecaddies help with the heavy lifting for golfers, precision dispensing and dosing used in semi and fully automated production systems, and more.


FAULHABER Motion Issue 2016.1

Faulhaber Motion 2016.1In this issue, you can read about how the world’s most lifelike bionic hand prosthesis was developed in five years of intensive cooperation. The key role our drive solutions play in anesthesia and ventilation systems, and how two motors from FAULHABER can bring organization into industrial switch cabinets.

FAULHABER Motion Issue 2015.2

Faulhaber Motion 2015.2In this issue, you can learn about how FAULHABER drives influence innovations within the automotive industry, make seismological activities measurable in the nano-range and bundle extremely small quantities of X-rays into meaningful images.


Faulhaber 2016 PDF CatalogComprising 472 pages, the latest FAULHABER 2016 catalog includes details of our extensive range of motion control solutions.


MICROMO Medical SolutionsThe leader in DC micro motor and encoder technology and design customization, MICROMO has provided benchmark solutions for a wide range of applications, including extensive work with a variety of pump applications.


MICROMO Robotics SolutionsFounded in 1961, MICROMO provides the highest quality, custom micro motion solutions for markets such as medical, aerospace, defense and robotics in North America. Decades ago in Germany, it all started with the FAULHABER coil, the landmark invention by Dr. Fritz Faulhaber. The self-supporting, ironless rotor coil design paved way for a new industry that produces millions of motors today.


Faulhaber Motion 2015.1Airline passengers desire ever more convenience at the push of a button, whereas the airlines themselves would like to and must save fuel. These conflicting priorities give rise to a huge sphere of activity for FAULHABER drive systems, especially in view of the rapidly growing number of passengers.


Vibration and Sound in Small DC MotorsDownload Dr. Bertolini's (Dr. Fritz Faulhaber GmbH & Co, KG) book on vibration and sound in DC motors.