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Welcome to the Product Selector (Motion System Selector) FAQs

Below we have listed some of the most common frequently asked questions from our customers and site visitors. If you cannot find the answer you're looking for in the list below, you can also check our main FAQ page for more information, or you can contact us for additional assistance.

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Q: I have a motor series number, how can I search for more information?

A. If you know the motor series number or SKU, we recommend using the site search box (in the top right-hand corner of the page). If you are looking for a type of motor or a perhaps you are seeking more information about a particular topic or application device, you can input search keywords in the search box to find filtered results. If you know what type of motor you need, but do not know the motor number or SKU, we recommend using the Motion System Selector (also referred to on our site as "store"). In the Motion System Selector you can filter and sort products based on broad and narrow specifications, capabilities, and more.

Q: What makes the product selector unique?

A: MICROMO’s Motion System Selector is a powerful and interactive parametric search tool and online store which is capable of analyzing user inputs and providing up to a thousand solutions within seconds.  Users can sort and optimize results, compare performance and purchase from over 400,000 products in our online store. The system provides highly accurate performance results for brush and brushless motors using a proprietary four parameter thermal model. Learn More.

Q: Can I compare more than one product at a time?

A. Yes, select the "Compare Result" checkbox at the far left hand side of the Motion System Selector™ window.

screenshot of how to compare results

This will add the item(s) to the compare results section at the bottom of your browser window.

screenshot of filtered "compared results"

Q: What if I need to order more than 50 units?

A: If you need to order more than 50 pieces, please contact a member of the MICROMO team, either by phone: 1-800-807-9166, by completing the Contact form, or via our live chat system (in the bottom right hand corner of our site). 

Q: What is your shortest lead time?

Many products ship from Clearwater, FL in three days or less. To filter your search for items that ship in three days or less select the “Stock Program Products” checkbox on the Motion System Selector screen.

Q: I need a product fast; how can I search for items with a short lead time? 

A: To limit your results to products available from our stock program, simply select the “Stock Program Products” checkbox at the top of the selector screen. This will filter the results for products available for shipment in three days or less.

screenshot of stock program option

For all other questions, please check the main Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact a member of our team.