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  • Faulhaber Product Technologies

MICROMO Products and Technologies

  • MICROMO Faulhaber DC Motors
    Coreless DC Motors

    At the heart of every Coreless DC Motor is a FAULHABER coreless (ironless) self-supporting, skew-wound rotor winding. This coreless technology allows for innovative application of micro DC motors where the highest power, best dynamic performance, in the smallest possible size are required.

  • MICROMO Faulhaber Brushless DC Motors
    Brushless DC Motors

    Whether it's high torque 4 pole servomotors, highly efficient flat motors,or compact slotless motors, FAULHABER specializes in getting the...

  • MICROMO Faulhaber Motion Control Systems
    Motion Control Systems

    FAULHABER Motion Control Systems combine the high performance of a FAULHABER brushless motor with tailor made drive electronics to create...

  • MICROMO Faulhaber Stepper Motors
    Stepper Motors

    Robust assembly, high speed range, and exceptional performance in even the harshest environments make PRECIstep® drive systems the perfect solution for demanding positioning applications. They are available with a wide variety of modular servo components such as encoders, zero backlash gearheads, and more.

  • MICROMO Piezo Motors
    Piezo Motors

    A Piezo LEGS motor is precise down to the nanometer range, has instant response time and does not suffer from backlash problems.

  • MICROMO Faulhaber Linear DC Servomotors
    Linear DC Servomotors

    QUICKSHAFT® Linear DC-Servomotors bring linear motion to new dimensions. These high performance, miniature, linear motors consist of a...

  • MICROMO Faulhaber Encoders

    For higher resolution positioning and speed control, FAULHABER provides a wide range of encoders for combination with the complete portfolio of FAULHABER DC, brushless, and stepper motors.

  • MICROMO Faulhaber Servo Components
    Servo Components

    FAULHABER brakes work as an electromagnetically released system. FAULHABER brakes are based on permanent magnets with a single face surface...

  • MICROMO Faulhaber Gearheads

    FAULHABER developes high performance modular gearheads to complement each of its motor technologies.

  • MICROMO Faulhaber Drive Electronics
    Drive Electronics

    A wide range of powerful, compact electronic components has been developed for FAULHABER drive systems.

  • MICROMO Micro Precision Systems
    Micro Precision Systems

    MICROMO’s custom motion solutions include micro mechanical systems such as high-precision 4-point contact and linear ball bearings as well as precision ball screws from the FAULHABER Group.

  • MICROMO Micro-Drives

    Micro-Drives DC motors were designed to offer a cost-effective solution for challenging OEM applications where reliability and precision are vital. The micro DC motors are compact, lightweight and powerful.