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  • MICROMO FAULHABER Micro Motion Products and Technologies

MICROMO Products and Technologies

    Coreless DC Motors

    At the heart of every FAULHABER coreless (brush) DC motor is a FAULHABER coreless (ironless) self-supporting, skew-wound rotor winding. This coreless technology allows for innovative application of micro DC motors where the highest power, best dynamic performance, in the smallest possible size are required.

  • MICROMO FAULHABER Brushless DC Motors
    Brushless DC Motors

    FAULHABER brushless DC motors are designed and ideal for heavy-duty servo applications with frequent overload conditions, as well as for continuous duty applications where maximum operational lifetime is required.

  • MICROMO FAULHABER Brushless DC Motors with Integrated Motion Control
    Motors with Integrated Control

    FAULHABER brushless dc motors with integrated motion control combine high performance, single-axis motion controllers with the advantages, power, and performance of FAULHABER brushless DC servo motors.

  • MICROMO FAULHABER Stepper Motors
    Stepper Motors

    Robust assembly, high speed range, and exceptional performance in even the harshest environments make PRECIstep® drive systems the perfect solution for demanding positioning applications. A wide variety of modular servo components such as encoders, zero backlash gearheads, and more are available.

  • MICROMO Piezo Motors
    Piezo Motors

    PiezoMotor LEGS motors are available as a linear or rotary solution, and many products are available as vacuum or non-magnetic versions as well. These piezo electric motors are extremely high-precision, down to the nanometer range, have an instant response time and do not suffer from backlash issues.

  • MICROMO FAULHABER Linear DC Servo motors
    Linear DC Servomotors

    QUICKSHAFT® linear dc motors combine the speed and robustness of a pneumatic system with the flexibility and reliability of an electromechanical linear motor. QUICKSHAFT® linear DC servo motors are high performance, miniature, linear motors which consist of a solid stator housing, coil assembly, and a multi-pole magnetic forcer rod.

  • FAULHABER  Encoders

    For higher resolution positioning and speed control, FAULHABER MICROMO provides a wide range of encoders to be combined with FAULHABER coreless (brush), brushless, and stepper motors. Available options include 2- and 3-channel incremental, magnetic, and optical encoders with standard quadrature resolution from 16 to 1024 CPR, as well as single-turn absolute encoders with a resolution up to 10,000 steps.

  • MICROMO FAULHABER brakes and servo components
    Brakes & Servo Components

    FAULHABER brakes work as an electromagnetically released system. FAULHABER brakes for DC motors are based on permanent magnets with a single-face surface coupling.

    Precision Gearheads

    FAULHABER MICROMO develops high performance modular gearheads to complement each FAULHABER motor technology. Whether you need high-torque planetary gearheads with material options, or zero-backlash spur gears, FAULHABER MICROMO has the right gearhead, for the right solution.

  • MICROMO FAULHABER Drive Electronics
    Drive Electronics

    MICROMO is proud to offer a wide range of compact and versatile electronic components to drive FAULHABER motors. Stand-alone versions as well as integrated control versions are avialable. FAULHABER Speed and Motion controllers are specifically designed to get the most out of FAULHABER DC and Brushless Motors. They are compact, easy to use,and provide precise and efficient control. The individual drive parameters are simple to adjust via a computer and the free FAULHABER Motion Manager software.

  • MICROMO MPS Micro Precision Systems
    Linear Micro Precision Systems

    MICROMO's custom motion solutions include micro mechanical systems such as high-precision 4-point contact, and linear ball bearings as well as precision ball screws from the FAULHABER Group. When combined with lead screws, stepper motors provide a high accuracy linear positioning system that provides the benefits of a stepper (open loop control, long life, high torque density, etc.).

  • MICROMO Micro-Drives motors

    Micro-Drives DC motors were designed to offer a cost-effective solution for challenging OEM applications where reliability and precision are vital. These micro DC motors are compact, lightweight and powerful.