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  • Gearheads

Precision Gearheads

  • Planetary Gearheads | MICROMO
    Planetary Gearheads
    Planetary Gearheads are engineered for applications requiring high torque. Plastic or metal versions come with a variety of shaft bearings and custom motor modifications.
  • Spur Gearheads | MICROMO
    Spur Gearheads
    For projects requiring high precision but low torque & noise, Spur Gearheads are the ideal choice. These components are available in a wide variety of reduction ratios & shaft bearings.
  • Zero Backlash Spur Gearheads | MICROMO
    Zero Backlash Spur Gearheads
    Zero Backlash Spur Gearheads are perfect for positioning applications needing maximum resolution and moderate torque.