• Piezo Motor Datasheets

Piezo LEGS® Datasheets

Piezo LEGS® Linear Motors - Data Sheets

SeriesMotorVersionsPDF3D-CADMaximum Speed
Stall Force
Step Resolution
Piezo LEGS® Linear 6Nnew LL06 A0      15 6.5 0.5
Piezo LEGS® Linear Twin 20N LT20 10A, 20A, 10B, 20B, 10D, 20D      10 20 <1
Piezo LEGS® Linear Twin-C 300N LTC300 11      0.3 300 <1
Piezo LEGS® Linear Twin-C 450N LTC450 11     0.3 450 <1
Piezo LEGS® Linear Twin-C 40N LTC40 12, 13, 14, 16      16 40 <1
A= Stainless Steel; B= Stainless Steel Vacuum; D= Non-Magnetic Vacuum

Piezo LEGS® Rotary Motors - Data Sheets

SeriesMotorVersionsPDF3D-CADMaximum Speed
Stall Torque
Piezo LEGS® Rotary 30 LR17 030A20     170 30 <0.1

Piezo LEGS® Drivers

SeriesPDFSupply VoltageFunctionalityTypeInterface
PMD301-01   48 Driver and Controller Microstepping 2-wire RS485 or USB virtual COM port
PMD401-01B   48 Driver and Controller Microstepping 2-wire RS485
DMC-30019   48 Driver and Controller Microstepping  Serial USB

Piezo Motor Motion System 2.0.2

PiezoMotor Motion System is a free Windows software for getting started running Piezo LEGS® motors with micro-stepping driver PMD101 and/or PMD206. When installed, it gives direct access to all devices connected to your computer. The software allows open and closed-loop running, setting hardware parameters, plotting motion patterns, and programming motion sequences.

Download Now: Motion System 2.0.2

Walking Drive

Piezo Motor walking drive

The Piezo LEGS® motor uses piezoceramic “legs” to create motion. Each component consists of multiple bimorph actuators co-sintered into a single body. These movable legs, made out of ceramic “muscles”, will generate powerful linear or rotary motion and remove the need for gears or mechanical transmission. Direct drive through friction coupling ensures there is no mechanical play or backlash, and the fact that there is no slippage means motor will hold position even when powered down (not consuming any power). A unique aspect for the walking principle is the ability to divide the full step into much smaller increments. As an example, the linear Piezo LEGS® will be able to position on a sub-micron or even single nanometer level. Given that kind of resolution, it is obvious that Piezo LEGS® is the product to use for any high precision application.

Reliable Positioning and Amazing Speed Range

Accurate positioning means little without reliability. As one set of legs remains engaged all the time, control of the position exists at all times. In a closed loop system, the positioning will be repeatable and precise, and the motor will be compensating the slightest error to stay on target. Piezoceramic actuators are extremely quick to respond and will do so without any peak currents. The motion dynamics of the Piezo LEGS® are truly fascinating.  For a rotary motor,  you have microstep resolution of less than one micro-radian and can move with constant speeds that translate to less than one revolution per week or any speed up to a maximum of ~30 rpm.

Piezo LEGS® for Advanced Products and Applications

Piezo technology is getting more recognition in the market for advanced products, including applications for optics, semiconductors, factory automation, defense, and medical technology. We have seen an increased demand for compact and precise motion solutions – a niche where Piezo LEGS® technology has proven to be very successful. Durability in design means you will have a reliable motion solution using Piezo LEGS®.  In addition,  it will enable your product in ways no traditional motor technology can.

Made to Your Specification

The combination of power, speed dynamics, precision, and the compact format makes Piezo LEGS® a great choice. Piezo LEGS® comes in different standard versions, including models for linear or rotary motion, vacuum compatibility, and for non-magnetic applications. However, flexibility in the design allows modifications to adapt the motor’s properties and performance to suit your application or product. This saves you time and money as you do not have to change your product to fit the motor. MICROMO works closely together with PiezoMotor – the Swedish based manufacturer of piezoelectric motors. Please contact our skilled team for questions on customizations and to discuss your application needs.