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  • Piezo LEGS Linear
    Piezo LEGS® Linear motors
    Piezo Linear Motors utilize a linear motor shaft driven by LEGS technology which "walk" the motor. Leverage this motor type's nanometer resolution, energy efficiency and high force output.
  • Piezo LEGS Rotary
    Piezo LEGS® Rotary motors
    Piezo Rotary Motors are constructed with an integrated, high resolution magnetic encoder. This is the motor of choice for zero backlash, absolute encoder integration and no power draw in the hold position.
  • During the 1980s, the founders of PiezoMotor AB, Professor Stefan Johansson and Dr Mats Bexell started their research on micro motion systems. After almost ten years of research, they were awarded the Swedish Innovation Cup and the ”Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow” prize for their new rotating piezoelectric motor. The motor was the world’s smallest and strongest motor built to date.
  • PiezoMotor AB developed the basis of the linear piezo motor that eventually led to the first product – Piezo LEGS®. In 2002, the first shipments to customers were launched and growth continues across markets .
  • In 2007, PiezoMotor AB started a collaboration agreement with the FAULHABER Group making the FAULHABER Group a shareholder in the company.

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