FAULHABER MICROMO Motion System Solutions

With almost six decades of micro motion expertise, FAULHABER MICROMO is proud to offer complete, full-service design, sourcing, and manufacturing capabilities on a global basis to deliver benchmark, custom motors and system-level motion solutions. We're much more than just a hardware vendor; we're a motion partner. Discover the value of the FAULHABER MICROMO advantage.

FAULHABER MICROMO Value-Added ServicesMICROMO custom motion solutions and engineering

  • Dedicated Machine Shop
  • Clean Room Assembly
  • Engineering And Custom Design
  • Prototyping And Testing
  • Project Management

When benchmark engineering services, high performance technologies, and the ability to get products into your team’s hands as soon as possible are critical, FAULHABER MICROMO delivers as your custom solution partner in North America.

  • Express prototyping from our inventory of 800+ standard and semi-standard FAULHABER products. Direct shipping for production in as little as three days.
  • Design, sourcing, and manufacturing of components, assemblies, and custom solutions in our Clearwater, Florida facilities.

MICROMO custom products and value-added engineering services MICROMO capabilities engineering and custom design services

  • Global project management for all FAULHABER design and manufacturing resources in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • Exclusive sourcing for all FAULHABER Group products and custom solutions sold in North America.

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