FAULHABER MICROMO Solar Energy Initiative

MICROMO rooftop with new solar panels for energy efficiency initiativeFAULHABER MICROMO Takes Big Steps Towards Energy Conservation

One of the Largest Solar Energy Projects in Pinellas County

FAULHABER MICROMO's micro motion technologies and products from FAULHABER are already well known for their high performance, high precision and energy efficiency. In late 2014, FAULHABER MICROMO embarked on a major project to bring energy conservation to the workplace, by installing solar panels on the roof of their 73,000 square foot facility located in Clearwater, Florida.

MICROMO rooftop with new solar panels for energy efficiency initiative

Today, there are 1,632 panels and 2,014 support stands installed on the facility's rooftop, covering about 35,000 square feet total. According to the Facility Manager, "We are able to produce a maximum of 500 kW on a cloudless day between the hours of 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM, when the sun is located at the optimum axis. The panels are capable of producing about 60% of FAULHABER MICROMO's power needs."


Looking Ahead

By the end of 2016, FAULHABER MICROMO expects to have significant results in terms of energy and cost savings through the solar energy effort. This initiative strengthens FAULHABER Group's industry leading manufacturing operations in the areas of efficiency and environmental care.

Along with having ISO 9001 and 13485 certification, FAULHABER MICROMO is also RoHS Compliant. Facility Operations include an Engineering Center with an Advanced Engineering Group, a 12,000 square foot Clean Room Assembly Area and a 5,000 square foot Machining Center.

Additional energy efficiency plans are expected to be rolled out later this year as part of FAULHABER MICROMO's Continuous Improvement program. 


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solar panels on MICROMO building rooftop in Clearwater, FL

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MICROMO rooftop with new solar panels for energy efficiency initiativeMICROMO solar panel energy project 2015-2016