New 2264 BP4 Brushless DC Motor & MCS 3274 BP4 Motion Control System

New Brushless DC Servo Motor Reaches A New Level of Performance

MICROMO is proud to launch the newest FAULHABER brushless DC motor, the 2264 BP4 series. The new 2264 BP4 series motor has an impressive torque to size to weight ratio, and also features integrated sensors and a wide speed range. The 4-pole brushless DC motor offers 59 mNm of continuous torque and weighs only 140 g and measures 22 mm in diameter, 64 mm in length. The 2264 BP4 also reaches speeds up to 34,500 revolutions per minute. FAULHABER new 2264 BP4 series brushless dc motor

Improved From The Inside

This impressive performance is made possible thanks to the new and innovative segment winding of the coil, which was developed for the brushless DC motors of the BP4 family. The overlapping, nested, individually wound segments, an especially large amount of copper in the coil, plus the high winding symmetry with minimal losses and appropriately high efficiency produce incredible and improved performance and capability.

There is also room for a resilient shaft with a diameter of 4 mm and suitable bearings thanks to the compact coil. With its low inertia, the motor is well suited for dynamic start/stop operation. The 2264 BP4 series is also overload-resistant. It operates without wear-prone mechanical commutation and, as a result, has a service life many times longer than standard micro DC motors. It can be used at temperatures of between -40 and +125°C, which is a wider temperature range than competitive products of the same size and torque capability. alternate product view images for the new 2264 BP4 brushless dc motor

Integrated analog Hall sensors can replace an encoder in the majority of applications and can precisely determine the position of the output shaft. Compatible optical and magnetic encoders are also available for higher-precision applications.

This new series is ideally suited for handheld tools and devices, such as motorized surgical instruments, grippers and robotics, for advanced prosthetics, for aerospace applications, and even for electric pruning shears, and motorized screwdrivers.

view product datasheet now - new motor FAULHABER 2264 BP4 brushless dc motorFor full product details, click the datasheet icon to view the 2264 BP4 series datasheet.

Product Overview

 Technical Data Series 2264 BP4
Rated Torque 59 mNm
Voltage Options 12V, 24V
Power 133 W
n/M-curve 14.8 rpm/mNm
Temperature Range -40 to +125°C
Mass 140 g
Efficiency 91%









A New Motion Control System, Too

As well as the new 2264 BP4 series, FAULHABER is also adding a drive with integrated Motion Controller to the BP4 family. The 3274 BP4 series brushless DC motor, which is the most powerful motor in the family, is now also available as a Motion Control System. Introducing, the MCS 3274 BP4 product launch FAULHABER MCS 3274 BP4 Motion Control System

The new MCS 3274 BP4 series combines the brushless high-performance motor with control electronics which have been tailor-made for the 3274 BP4 motor, all within an extremely small space, creating a highly dynamic drive system for complex positioning tasks across a wide range of industry applications.

alternate product view images for the new MCS 3274 BP4 motion control system


Interface Options Available

 View Datasheet for the MCS 3274 BP4 EtherCAT Interface version

 View Datasheet for the MCS 3274 BP4 RS232 or CANopen Interface version


Product Overview

 Technical Data Series MCS 3274 BP4
Commutation brushless
Supply Motor 0 to 50 V
Supply Electronics 12 to 50 V
Temperature Range -40 to +100°C
Rated Torque 160 mNm
Rated Current 5.6 A
Rated Speed 6350 1/min









 For more information, or for questions about these new products, please contact MICROMO to speak with one of our engineers.