MICROMO Launches New FAULHABER 1935 BRC DC Motor

More Power For Pumps

new FAULHABER 1935 BRC DC motorMICROMO is proud to introduce the newest small brushless DC motor from FAULHABER: the 1935 BRC series.

Making 'Great' Even Better

This new series is an optimized version of the ever popular 1935 BRE series DC motor.

Note: the 1935 BRE is now discontinued.

The new 1935 BRC motor achieves a continuous torque of 3.5 mNm while still retaining its compact design, making it more powerful than its predecessor model. Its direction of rotation is reversible. At the same time, the speed range was increased to 1,000 to 11,000 min-1 and the efficiency was further improved. The temperature range has also increased significantly, ranging from -25°C to 85°C. The new high-performance bearings allow for a prolonged service life.


Always In Control

The proven connection concept of the 1525 BRC and 3153 BRC series is now standardized in the 1935 BRC. The 1935 BRC has an integrated Speed Controller and thus its own electronic control. This facilitates speed control by means of a PI controller with external set point input. With its dimensions of 19 mm in diameter and 35 mm in length, the motor is adapted for installation in very restricted spaces and thanks to its rugged design it is suitable for applications with high loads. An integrated current limiting protects the motor from overload; the controller setting can be parametrized via the programming adapter.

Typical fields of application of the 1935 BRC are primarily applications in pumps, such as laboratory devices, inkjet printers, medical technology and laboratory diagnostics, fuel cells or in battery-powered systems. The 1935 BRC series can also be used in robotics, tool technology, industrial automation, as well as measurement and testing technology. view datasheet for 1935 BRC small DC motor


Technical Data Overview Series 1935 BRC Units
Commutation Brushless  
Speed Controller Integrated  
Nominal Voltage 6, 9, 12 V
Δn/ΔM 915 min-1/mNm
Continuous Torque 3.5 mNm
Mass 31 g
Speed Range 1,000 - 11,000 min-1
Temperature Range -25 - +85 °C

 Direction of rotation: reversible



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