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Engineering Capabilities And Custom Design

MICROMO engineering CADFor customers needing assistance with more than selecting components and assembly, MICROMO's engineering services department is an excellent resource. With decades of DC motor experience and expertise, our design engineers can outline a number of ways for you to accomplish your design goals, to speed development time and reduce failure rates during testing and manufacturing.

MICROMO's Engineering Team resources include:

  • MICROMO's 2,500 square foot test lab
  • Evaluation of life and performance trouble shooting of failure modes
  • Environmental - including Nitrogen Purge capabilities
  • Shock testing
  • Failure Mode Analysis- photographic documentation, data and cause definition
  • Finite element modeling
  • Labview
  • ASICS (development with FAULHABER Group in Germany)

Using sophisticated analysis techniques, we can with optimizing the design and manufacturing of your product. MICROMO's engineering design team leverages design failure-mode effects analysis (DFMEA) to help you build the best possible product and process failure mode effects analysis (PFMEA) to ensure that you get your product to market as quickly as possible.

MICROMO custom designDFMEA is essentially a critical design review that analyzes the system, focusing on the way the components interface in subassemblies. Done properly, DFMEA functions as both a planning tool and a risk mitigation tool that we can use to maximize the success of your project.

We can help you shorten your road to commercialization and guarantee success once you're there by avoiding design elements that may cause product failure or create manufacturing issues. We analyze your prototypes using finite element analysis. Because our engineers have years of experience in developing motion systems for a wide range of applications and conditions, our team can identify problems up front. We not only suggest alternative designs, we can fabricate them, characterize them, and verify their effectiveness with accelerated lifetime testing.

A program can't be successful without proper testing at all stages. A well-designed test plan demonstrates requirements while minimizing test time and protecting equipment. As part of the engineering process, our team develops tests to help validate performance of prototypes and ferret out problems. Subsystem tests can be used to verify higher risk or critical components before full system tests are conducted, decreasing the possibility of failure. Based on experience, our engineering team can design the actual production system for easy test and establish the focus methodology to provide process feedback during manufacturing.


Comprehensive Test Services and Lab

MICROMO testing labTesting might take place in the laboratory but motors operate in the real world. To be effective, test programs need to be designed to deliver insight, not just numbers. When you add the MICROMO Test Group to your team, you gain access to seasoned motion control and test experts backed by MICROMO capabilities and resources. We can develop test platforms tailored to validate whichever specific performance characteristics required. Automating the process with Labview allows us to perform a sophisticated range of tests to ensure our products meet your needs and your products perform as desired.

MICROMO's 2,500 square foot test lab includes:

  • Vibration—including Vibration Research Corporation vibration testing controller
  • Materials—including Pace Technologies PICO 150 precision cutter and Penta5000
  • Grinder for metallographic studies
  • Keyence video microscope
  • Nikon SMZ-10 microscope
  • Jeol Neoscope scanning electron microscope
  • Senis AG magnetic field mapper
  • Magtrol Micro Dyne dynamometer (low torque testing of small motors, range of 2ozin to 125lbin)
  • Test ovens capable of running from -73°C to 175°C (RH 10-90% from 10°C to 85°C)

MICROMO testing servicesOur test lab can characterize any of our motors, developing torque, speed, and power curves, or testing for parameters, such as back EMF. If you're trying to determine what motor/gearhead combination will give you the optimum balance of performance and life, we will produce efficiency curves for whatever gear motor set you choose. If you'd prefer to do your own life testing, you have the option to send the units to us for evaluation. We'll break them down and perform a full in-depth analysis, sending you a detailed report complete with photos, data, and overall findings and insight.

If you've had a unit fail and want to understand why, we can help. We combine a comprehensive testing program with a thorough understanding of all MICROMO products. We will perform a complete failure mode analysis, sending you a detailed report with photographic documentation, data, and possible causes.


Project Management

The MICROMO project management team can help develop a project plan and budget, creating schedule, complete with phase-gate processes, design reviews, and common milestones. Our experienced staff understands why and when projects fail, allowing us to identify potential trouble spots and pinch points. We not only deliver a schedule but also a comprehensive contingency plan to put into operation in case of unanticipated internal or external events prevent the project from proceeding according to plan.

MICROMO inventory in USAAt its heart, project management is about mitigating risk. The MICROMO program management team starts by working with the customer to draft a list of requirements. The process goes beyond just describing functionality. Each item on the list is carefully tailored to manage risk and complexity. Our team identifies sources of risk and develops a formal risk management plan that includes monitoring requirements to guard against the addition of unnecessary functionality that can increase cost, lengthen time to market, and potentially impact product production, performance, or exceptions.

Maintaining the schedule is essential to controlling cost. Schedule slippage in the design phase, for example, forces the compression of succeeding tasks like fabrication, assembly, and testing. That can drive up costs, both directly and by increasing the chance of errors at all steps along the process. Because fixing errors in turn introduces further delays, it becomes a vicious cycle. The obvious answer is slack time, but that has balanced to avoid either delays in receiving materials that can postpone manufacturing or tying up capital in inventory for an excessive amount of time. Our team monitors schedule performance and develops workable recovery plans to ensure the project remains on time.


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