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MICROMO’s services don’t stop at product modification. With a 12,000 square foot class 100,000 capable clean room assembly area, MICROMO is your manufacturing partner.

Offloading even seemingly simple steps can dramatically improve yield and profit margin. Adding leads to motors, for example, requires care and skill. Done improperly, it can result in a broken off lead, turning the component into expensive scrap. Our experienced staff can connectorize motors at the factory, guaranteeing that each device delivered is functional and ready for use.

Between MICROMO’s on-site machining and assembly facilities and the options available in our standard product line, customers can choose from over 5,000 permutations of custom and semi-standard products. We deliver motors with specialized bearing systems and lubrication, alternative brush materials and commutation approaches, a variety of coil voltages, extended temperature range operation, customized wiring harnesses, modified shaft configurations like thru-shaft and hollow shafts, modified motor geometries, and more.

MICROMO routinely produces motor and gearhead assemblies for autoclavable hand pieces and implantable devices. Our ruggedized components are built to survive a range of harsh conditions like wash-down environments, vacuum operation, and punishing applications like down-hole drilling, industrial hygiene, geological monitoring, aerospace, and more.

View our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certificates.

MICROMO clearn room assembly services

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