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The MICROMO Team : Delivering Innovation to Market First

Are you ready to move a motion system design to market? Let the micro motion experts help solve your design and production challenges with customized components, comprehensive testing, engineering design services, and program management.

When benchmark engineering services, high performance technologies, and quick turnaround are critical, MICROMO delivers as your custom motion solution partner in North America.

  • Exclusive sourcing for all FAULHABER Group products and custom solutions sold in North America.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, as well as RoHS compliant.
  • Express prototyping from an inventory of 800+ standard and semi-standard FAULHABER products.
  • Direct shipping for production in as little as three days.
  • The MICROMO Motion System SelectorTM enables engineers to quickly and easily discover, configure and purchase motor products in the online store.
  • Design, sourcing, and manufacturing and engineering of components, integrated assemblies, and custom motion system solutions at our Clearwater, Florida facility.
  • For next-generation motion solutions, concept planning and implementation, MICROMO's engineering team also includes Advanced Engineering Group.
  • Global project management for all FAULHABER design and manufacturing resources in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • Our R&D Tradition of Innovation dates back to the "FAULHABER Coil." Our global engineering team has been recognized again and again in the industry for innovation and best practices. With decades of experience, our design engineers can outline a number of ways for you to accomplish your design goals as well as speeding development time and ensuring thorough testing and manufacturing success.

Successful OEMs stake their claim in the market by focusing on their core competencies, whether it’s in application industries like biomedical, aerospace, defense, environmental sensing, photonics, and more. However, many products and systems in these markets require motion. Finding or developing a cost-effective, manufacturable motion solution that also provides the necessary performance can be challenging without an experienced and trusted partner.

With over five decades of micro motion expertise, MICROMO is proud to offer complete, full-service design, sourcing, and manufacturing capabilities on a global basis to deliver benchmark, custom micro motion solutions. MICROMO is much more than just a hardware vendor. Discover the value of the MICROMO advantage.


The MICROMO Advantage: Value-Added Services


Dedicated Machining Center

Although commercial off-the-shelf products provide economies of scale, they're not suitable for all applications. At the same time, developing custom products from scratch can be both time consuming and expensive. MICROMO offers a compromise between the two, courtesy of the on-site machining center at our Clearwater, Florida facility. With the help of skilled machinists and an array of precision machine tools, MICROMO can address virtually every customer need ranging from modifications of existing products, to fabrication of custom components.

The benefits go beyond mere product customization. The machining center also allows us to fabricate specialized tools and holding fixtures for testing and manufacturing, for both our components and yours. If your engineers can design it, we can make it. And if your engineers cannot design it, we can help there, too.

Learn more about MICROMO's custom machining center facilities, equipment, and services.


Clean Room Assembly

MICROMO's services don't stop at product modification. With a 12,000 square foot, class 100,000 capable clean room, MICROMO is your manufacturing partner, too. This allows you to streamline your production process by offloading subassembly steps, which can dramatically improve yield and profit margins. The preassembled components save time in the production process and allow your staff to focus their time and expertise on your core value proposition.

Learn more about MICROMO's clean room assembly facility and services.


Engineering and Custom Design

For customers needing assistance with more than selecting components and assembly, MICROMO's engineering services department is an excellent resource. With decades of DC motor experience and expertise, our design engineers can outline a number of ways for you to accomplish your design goals, speeding development time and reducing failure rates in test and manufacturing. Broad experience in manufacturing across a wide range of application areas allows our engineers to suggest design approaches that help OEMs achieve cost goals early in a development cycle, eliminating the need for expensive redesigns and avoiding pushed deadlines. MICROMO's Engineering team also includes an Advanced Engineering Group for next generation motion solutions, concept planning, and implementation.

Learn more about MICROMO's engineering and custom design capabilities.


Comprehensive Test Services

Whether used for product acceptance, lifecycle evaluation, or failure-mode analysis, testing is a cornerstone of product design and manufacturing. MICROMO recognizes this, which is why we established the MICROMO Test Group in our Clearwater, Florida facility. With an experienced staff and an in-house facility equipped with an array of instrumentation, MICROMO delivers a comprehensive set of test capabilities ranging from product validation to troubleshooting.

Testing can power the product development process from the design stage on through final acceptance testing. A properly designed test program can speed commercialization by helping the engineering team optimize product design and manufacturing, controlling costs, reducing scrap, and improving the process to help you deliver the best possible product to market as quickly as possible.

Learn more about MICROMO's testing equipment and services.


Project Management

Time to market can dramatically affect the success of a product; a delay of even a few months can entirely change the competitive landscape. It can shorten product life-cycles, decreasing total revenues over the product lifespan and introduce engineering costs for product updates sooner than might otherwise be the case. MICROMO offers a full suite of project management capabilities to keep product development on schedule and on budget.

  • Project management for risk mitigation
  • Requirements development
  • Scheduling
  • Recovery plans
  • Budget management

Learn more about MICROMO's project management capabilities.


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