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  • MICROMO About Us

Corporate Overview

FAULHABER MICROMO and the FAULHABER Drive Systems application engineers work in partnership with customers to create innovative, custom micro motion solutions that revolutionize the market. FAULHABER MICROMO has vast application expertise in challenging markets, we enjoy solving new application challenges for our customers. The experience and skill of our team translates to reduced product development cycles, and efficient, cost-effective, integrated drive solutions. Learn more about FAULHABER MICROMO's advanced facility, diverse customization & prototyping capabilities, and talented engineering team in the video below!


Starting with the groundbreaking "FAULHABER coil" decades ago, FAULHABER continues its legacy and leadership in micro motor and encoder technology and design customization. Innovation remains at the core of what we do.

As a member of the FAULHABER Group since its inception, FAULHABER MICROMO has had a long-standing partnership and coordination with FAULHABER Drive Systems. Recently reorganized (as of 7/24/2019) as a united, fully-integrated part of FAULHABER Drive Systems, FAULHABER MICROMO will amplify existing design and engineering capabilities. This reorganization equates to improved customer support, faster lead times on products, and additional motion control expertise for our customers here in North America.


FAULHABER MICROMO's innovative technologies, local, value-added capabilities along with the vast, global resources of the FAULHABER Group for superior technical and logistics support work in unison to provide customers with excellence in custom motion solutions. Global project management through the FAULHABER Group leverages the company's full range of capabilities to deliver the best solutions to customers. Contact FAULHABER MICROMO to learn more about custom design and engineering services, and the wide range of value-add options we offer. The right solution begins with the right partner.


RoHS, REACH and other compliance documentation can be found, here.


FAULHABER MICROMO Capabilities & Facilities

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification
  • Extensive experience with the development of a wide array of custom motion systems  
  • Dedicated CNC machine shop
  • Over 50 years of DC motor, encoder and gearhead system expertise
  • Vast selection of FAULHABER® product / component technologies in Clearwater, FL
  • Global design, sourcing, manufacturing and project management
  • Express prototyping
  • FDA compliant design verification and validation process.
  • Extensive design, project management and manufacturing expertise with FDA Class I, II and III devices
  • 73,000 square foot facility
  • class 100,000 capable clean room for manufacturing and complete value added assembly


Since 1961, FAULHABER MICROMO has provided the widest range of high quality rotary and linear custom motion solutions to markets such as medical, defense and robotics. As a member of the global FAULHABER Group, and as of July 2019, an official part of FAULHABER Drive Systems, FAULHABER MICROMO brings together cutting edge, high performance and energy efficient products and technologies from around the world, such as brush dc, brushless dc, stepper, thin profile, piezoelectric and linear dc motors, encoders and gearheads. FAULHABER MICROMO's experienced engineers look beyond components to offer optimal solutions for custom mechanical and electrical requirements. FAULHABER MICROMO's seasoned application engineering team has the experience in the field to assist customers with choosing the correct component and system for unique motion control needs and to meet superior precision and reliability requirements.

The FAULHABER Group employs over 2,100 team members worldwide in 30 different countries. FAULHABER MICROMO's benchmark contributions are part of many leading products and applications in markets such as medical devices, robotics, optics and photonics, aerospace and defense, semiconductor and instrumentation. FAULHABER MICROMO is a full service, value-add partner based in Clearwater, FL in the United States, and is also the exclusive provider of FAULHABER products for the North American market.