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Robotics & Industrial Motion Control Applications

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Small coreless motors, brushless dc motors, and stepper motors often play important roles in many applications for robotics and industrial motion control Read More Click on any of the thumbnails below to read case studies on how FAULHABER MICROMO and FAULHABER DC motors are powering robotics and factory automation customized systems Show Less

  • 5-Axis CNC System
    5-Axis CNC System

    A new compact 5-axis CNC machine makes the production of complex small components easier. The new unit provides manufacturers with an application-specific, scalable machining option.

  • Automated Testing Probes
    Automated Testing Probes

    In test facilities for electronic circuits it has becoming increasingly difficult to justify the use of conventional needle-bed adapters. A new “flying” probe system offers an alternative solution.

  • Customized Conveyor Belts
    Customized Conveyor Belts

    The Vetter engineering company is proving with its micro belt conveyors that the concept of using conveyors for traditional mass-production is transferable for small component assembly, too.

  • Customized Packaging
    Customized Packaging

    Cutting equipment specialist, Lasercomb has developed a new generation of multifunctional plotters to revolutionize cutting and packaging by converting CAD data directly into finished samples.

  • Industrial Handling
    Industrial Handling Precision

    A company specialized in industrial handling has solved a primary dilemma with a combination of electric drive units and pneumatic cylinders to produce a precise and efficient swivel unit.

  • Pick-and-Place
    Pick-and-Place Machines

    Siemens has developed the SIPLACE X Series with the purpose of providing electronics manufacturers worldwide with an even more cost-effective solution for printed circuit board (PCB) assembly

  • WPI MRI Robot
    Piezo Motors Power MRI Robot

    Guided by real-time feedback, the robot can position a high-energy, interstitial focused ultrasound probe exactly at the tumor, delivering optimal surgical results and an ideal outcome for the patient.

  • In-Touch Telemedicine Robot
    Telemedicine Robots

    With sophisticated controls, advanced imaging, and small, quiet FAULHABER DC motors from MICROMO, InTouch brings top-flight medical care to the farthest reaches of the globe.

  • Pharmaceutical Dispensing
    Pharmaceutical Dispensing

    ScriptPro has developed an automated prescription dispensing system that accurately handles tablets, capsules and boxes, and also offers complete labeling and traceability.

  • Humanoid Robot
    Humanoid Service Robot

    Pal Robotics has developed a robot model that exhibits “natural” human traits and is capable of emphasizing certain statements by means of nonverbal communication.

  • High-Traction Sewer Robot
    High-Traction Sewer Robot

    Sewer robotics specialist, PROKASRO has developed an extensive range of tools and robots which can be steered via cable remote and a monitor for work on underground pipe systems.

  • Multi-Axis Robotic Arm
    Multi-Axis Robotic Arm

    Compact drive solutions are required in order to operate the largest possible number of cable controls within a confined space.

  • 5-Axis CNC System
    Acrobatics With Robotics

    A mechatronics company that specializes in auto tech has developed a robot equipped with electronics, DC motors and a rechargeable battery, that’s capable of self-balancing on a ball.

  • Rosetta Space Probe
    Rosetta Probe Lands on Comet

    At the end of May 2014, the Rosetta space probe moved into an orbit around the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in order to map its surface and prepare for the landing of lander unit, Philae. This ballistic lander, weighing 100 kg, landed successfully on the comet on November 12th, 2014.

  • Remote Operated Vehicle
    Remotely Operated UGV

    To respond to the currently heightened risks in tracing and defusing explosive devices, the experts from Dorset developed the latest generation of their Guardian MROV (Miniature Remotely Operated Vehicles).