Video Surveilliance Equipment: Motion Control Applications

Robotics designer and manufacturer for security and surveillanceThe company's mission is to create custom cutting edge solutions to complex engineering problems for leading institutions worldwide through its vision of applying an approach blending creativity, design and engineering to capitalize on the imminent robotics revolution. Through flexibility, reliability, and confidentiality MACROSWISS creates products which are aimed at being superior, smaller, and less expensive than those currently available on the market, thus fully taking advantage of the favorable business environment of Switzerland. Our market is mainly composed of security and surveillance devices and products for special operation (mobile robotic units and remote video and audio acquisition systems).

The Sentinel Surveillance concept (Patent pending)offers a solution to the problems of the conventional surveillance systems by uniting in one item both remote video surveillance and illumination. These innovative covert characteristics of the video camera thus make it more valuable as a surveillance system.

The Sentinel cameras derive from the fact that present-day outdoor video surveillance systems typically show a significant level of visibility and need a minimum level of illumination in order to work in a satisfactory manner during night hours.

In addition to the standard Sentinel surveillance unit, called Sentinel_Fix, MACROSWISS offers an identical looking unit without the camera, called Sentinel_Dum.
This model was conceived for clients who need to illuminate and monitor big areas in which the installation of a video unit in every lamp would be too much.

Regarding mobile robotics and special forces products the production is based on the ECC (Extended Combat Capabilities) concept, which integrates several different systems aimed a granting the user a more detailed perception of the surrounding environment.

Through the use of systems for reconnaissance, observation and listening, as well as observation and light activity robots, the operator gains better intervention capabilities while reducing the risk for personnel in high-risk scenarios.

Amongst the ECC line, the patent pending SRTC (Short Range Throwing Camera) deserves special mention. This unit has been developed as a prototype hand-thrown observation system which is deployed like a hand grenade.

The SRTC is a low cost system to be used to obtain visual information in situations when deploying human personnel would expose them to a high risk of incapacitation or death.

Sentinel Surveillance conceptAnother interesting member of the ECC line is, without a doubt, the MACROSWISS Tankbot. It has been developed as a prototype remotely operated all-terrain robotic platform.

The Tankbot can be equipped with a wide range of sensors, optical systems and active components such as manipulators, radio beacons, plasma cutters, amongst others.

The basic configuration is composed of a six wheel drive train (AWD) with a flexible backbone which allows for excellent all-terrain handling. Other options include reeled antennas for underground utilization and a water sprinkler on the engine bay to minimize the robot's IR signature.