Camera Systems And Live Video Programs From Earth Television Network

Earth TV cameras use motors from FAULHABER MICROMO to pan and tilt and with added stability

Cameras Provide New Perspective For Exploring The Foreign World

What if you could explore a city across the world live from your computer? With today's advances in live-streaming camera capabilities, users can see and know what's happening right now in cities and countries around the world, like Sydney, Hong Kong, or even New York. Imagine knowing today's weather forecast of locations like Helsinki, Venice or Istanbul at the click of a button. 

Through a series of camera systems developed by Earth Television Network, (rebranded as earthTV,) images and video feeds are delivered live and in real-time as "high-quality television programming."

The company's website features a variety of other programs and channels, some of which are more focused on providing entertainment, while others are more practical and truly resourceful. The company also provides the option for purchasing video feed to use as "stock" or filler video in advertising. 

Every continent has video coverage, with a large number of camera installations placed in Europe and  throughout the United States. There are approximately 39 of the cameras installed around the world, all of which transmit live programming from well-known, International locations and destinations.


Built To Survive The Elements

These cameras are built for extreme and varying climatic conditions to withstand a wide range of weather and elemental factors. The state-of-the-art camera equipment includes FAULHABER MICROMO brushless DC Servomotors with integrated electronics which control the movement of the camera head, providing highly precise tilt and swivel motions.

The systems are remote controlled and can provide a high-precision 360° vertical and horizontal pan of the location. This ensures truly breath-taking, in-focus moving time-lapse recordings and live-streaming feeds of the view.

Earth TV Camera Feed from Paris, FranceEarth TV Camera Feed from Barcelona, SpainEarth TV Camera Feed from Seattle, Washington, USA


Earth Television Network cameras capture a variety of locations around the globeCamera and Programming Technology

All of the camera's control and functionality, as well as the streaming television program production are in-house developments for which an International patent application has been submitted.

The television program is transmitted to connecting partners via digital networks. The leading news service in Germany, n-tv, is one of these partners. Their daily transmissions include the programs LIVEtour and WeltLIVE, as well as a wide range of International sports coverage, global weather channels, and traveling-resources for planning business and personal trips.


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