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  • Optics and Photonics Markets

Optic & Photonic Motion Control Applications

FAULHABER MICROMO's FAULHABER drive systems deliver the highest possible degree of accuracy and precision in the smallest possible package. Whether it is an intermittent aperture, filter, lens or reflector adjustment in an optical system or a constant speed chopper or tape drive application, our application engineers can help you select the right combination of components to meet your exact needs.

  • Telescope Motion Control
    Telescope Motion Control

    A large binocular telescope relies on micro coreless motors for high-precision positioning of optical assemblies to superimpose light and generate higher-resolution images.

  • Life-Optics Varioscope
    Life Optics Varioscope

    An Austrian company has developed a microscope headset capable of innovative functions such as autofocus and infinitely variable zoom to improve visibility during surgery.

  • Steppers Power Telescope
    Small Steppers, Big Telescope

    Giant telescope uses stepper motors to individually control and adjust thousands of optical fibers, to capture optimal incident light for astronomy research.

  • Earth Television Network Camera
    Live Streaming Cameras

    Earth Television Network has developed camera systems that can pan, tilt and swivel via remote control to deliver real-time live video footage from locations across the globe.

  • Preston Cinema
    Preston Cinema Motorized Lens

    Award-winning Preston Cinema Systems changes the motion picture industry by developing a series of wireless lens-adjustment systems that can be controlled remotely on set.

  • Panoramic-View
    Panoramic Photography

    Swiss photo specialists have developed a micro drive-powered automated panorama camera mount that provides photographers with high resolution, precise, and seamless photos.

  • Ocean Filming
    Ocean Filming Platform

    A French film company has developed a gyroscopic mounting platform with stabilizing micro motors to capture shudder-free images taken from a permanently shaky ocean surface.

  • Electric Camera Cranes
    Electric Camera Cranes

    Camera crane specialist, MovieTech AG has developed a solution for controlling large professional grade camera devices by developing motor-powered controllable crane heads.

  • Kessler Camera Crane
    Kessler Camera Cranes

    A camera support specialist has developed affordable camera positioning systems that allow videographers of every level to achieve high-end results at a low-end price.