• Energy Markets

Energy Market Applications

  • Solar Wafer Production
    Solar Wafer Production

    Production methods change in the electronics industry quicker than virtually any other sector. So all the systems used need to have the capacity to adapt flexibly to a wide range of different production requirements.

  • Methanol Fuel Cell
    Methanol Micro Fuel Cell

    Fuel cells have long been heralded as the way to eradicate the scourge of all handheld electronics: the dead battery. With their greater power-to-volume ratio, fuel cells last exponentially longer than batteries, and they can be rejuiced with a disposable methanol cartridge, effectively zeroing downtime.

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car
    Hydrogen Fuel Cell

    Researchers at ETH Zurich have designed the system, developed new controls and optimized the overall efficiency by mathematical modeling and computer simulations. Other important subsystems are optimized electric motors and power amplifiers as well as a metal-hydride hydrogen reservoir.