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  • Benchmark Applications

Providing Engineering Assistance & Delivering Innovation To Market First

FAULHABER MICROMO's application engineers work hand-in-hand with design engineers to create a drive solution that will exactly meet your motor system design application specifications. With decades of DC motor expertise and the extensive resources of the global FAULHABER Group, FAULHABER MICROMO provides you with the industry-leading engineering assistance and program management for your design requirements.

  • Medical Lab Automation
    Medical & Lab Automation Equipment

    FAULHABER MICROMO ultra-compact, high performance motion products are utilized in diverse innovative applications such as medical devices, surgical robotics, drug delivery systems, surgical instruments tools, advanced prosthetics, laboratory automation, and pharmaceutical dispensing & diagnostic systems.

  • MICROMO Aerospace & Defense
    Aerospace & Defense

    From small, unmanned ground robots to satellites and rockets for space exploration, FAULHABER MICROMO offers the widest range of high performance, high precision micro motion technology and drive solutions.

  • MICROMO Robotics & Factory Automation
    Robotic & Factory Automation

    Small coreless motors, brushless dc motors, and stepper motors often play important roles in many applications for robotics and industrial motion control.

  • MICROMO Optics Applications
    Optics & Photonics

    Whether it is an intermittent aperture, filter, lens or reflector adjustment in an optical system or a constant speed chopper or tape drive application, our application engineers can help you select the right combination of components to meet your exact needs.

  • MICROMO Instrumentation Applications
    Instrumentation & Control

    Accuracy and resolution in the micrometer range as well as exactly reproducible test procedures are required in modern measurement and testing technology.

  • MICROMO Additional Market Applications
    Additional Markets

    Scientific analysis and development often means having to overcome extreme conditions in order to obtain data. FAULHABER drive systems operate with extreme precision and absolute reliability even in the most inhospitable environments.