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  • Additional Market Applications

Additional Markets

  • Model Train
    Model Locomotive Train

    Modern microdrives can be customized for virtually any deployment scenario. The sooner drive specialists are involved in developing an application, the smoother the process of integrating the drive.

  • Laser Welding
    Laser Welding Scanner

    Joining thin sheets is the domain of the laser. Whether soldering or welding, the seams are always extremely narrow, accurate and durable. The high energy applied at specific points allows impressive welding speeds. However, this performance requires high-precision control and positioning of the laser.

  • Welding Wire Feed
    Welding Wire Feed

    There are various processes available for automated soldering or welding. Whether soldering, induction brazing or laser welding the weld filler metal is often delivered by wire. However, this is exactly where the difficulty lies.

  • Welding Simulator
    Welding Simulator

    The system features a welding helmet retrofit to display a virtual-reality environment, in combination with an ultra-realistic hand piece enabled by stepper motors from MICROMO.

  • Solar Wafer Production
    Solar Wafer Production

    Production methods change in the electronics industry quicker than virtually any other sector. So all the systems used need to have the capacity to adapt flexibly to a wide range of different production requirements.

  • Volume Pump
    Precision Volume Dosing

    Nowadays, modern electronics and high-precision mechanics allow the miniaturization of many items for everyday use and industrial applications. Micro annular gear pumps for fluid delivery are an excellent example.