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Why Stepper Motors Lose Steps & How to Prevent Step Loss

The use of stepper motors is an excellent choice. However, a key concern is step losses. Step losses can be prevented or corrected in most instances.

Stepper motors operate open loop.  When a stepping motor does not operate correctly in a specific situation, the common conclusion is that either the motor or the drive electronics is faulty. The motor selection and the choice of the driver are critical.  However, other factors contribute to step losses.

The following points are important to examine for the analysis of step losses or non-operation in a methodical fashion across a variety of applications:

  1. Stepper Motor Selection
  2. Motion profile

B1. Start-Stop operation

B2. Trapezoidal profile

  1. External commutation errors
  2. External events

D1. Back driving

D2. Increase of the pay load over time

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