Stepper Motors- PRECIstep Technology

MICROMO's 2-phase stepper motors are constructed with two different technologies. The AM series motors are constructed with a patented technology allowing for maximum power in a small package. The rotor is designed using NdFeB magnets placed equidistantly on the rotor hub. The ADM series motors are constructed with a magnetized disk magnet hub. Both designs reduce the number of components needed for assembly and provide for high reliability and outstanding shock and vibration resistance. These unique stepper motor designs result in a reliable, powerful, and quiet motor in a compact size.

Two Phase Stepper Motors

Two Phase Stepper Motors | MICROMO

The single and two phase Stepper Motors are conceived with proprietary technology, featuring minimum volume and weight.The multi-polar rotor and radial permanent magnets design, the reduced number of components used, give these Stepper Motors a very high reliability and an outstanding resistance to shock and vibrations.

The benefits resulting from these features make the Stepper Motors a reliable, high performance, small size and quiet running device in demanding motion applications.

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Screws for Stepper Motors

crews for Stepper Motors | MICROMO

The extremely fine surface of the rolled lead screws and the lead screws pitch – approx. 8 – 21 μm depending on the type – is the key to minimum friction and thus high resolutions with joltless and backlash-free movement.

The result: maximize precision in minimum space.Ideal for demanding positioning tasks, such as optical filters,focusing units, distribution of medical samples, inner-tube valves and other micropositioning systems.

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Features and Benefits

  • Extremely high speed performance unlike other standard stepper types
  • Extremely low current consumption
  • Extremely light and compact
  • Digital control for simple system integration
  • Smooth and accurate speed control
  • High/low temperature operation
  • Operation in a vacuum
  • Electronic commutation for extremely long operational lifetime
  • High precision gearboxes available in all sizes
  • Feedback components available in all sizes
  • Control electronics available for all motor series
  • Custom systems available from design to production
  • 1 and 2 phase stepper motors available

Hollow Shaft Stepper Motors

A new 66-mm-diameter stepper motor features a 41-mm-wide clear aperture running through its shaft.

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Stepper Motor Ordering Guide

This 2-page guide give information on how to order stepper motors.

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Why Steppers Lose Steps

This 4-page tutorial introduces the options to analyze step loss by checking:

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Microstepping: Myths and Realities

This 3-page tutorial discusses the myths and realities of microstepping including:

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  • Medical and laboratory equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • Factory automation and robotics
  • Industrial machinery and equipment
  • Telecommunications
  • Aerospace and aviation
  • Optical, video, and audio
  • Environment and safety
  • Hobby and quality modelling
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