Coreless DC Motors

  • Coreless DC Motors
    Coreless DC Motors
    Coreless DC Motors are constructed with a rotor attached to a commutator plate. Brushes providing commutation, these lightweight motors have a low starting inertia for maximum acceleration & minimal power consumption.
  • Flat DC Motors
    Flat DC Micromotors
    Designed with a flat axial air-gap, Flat DC Micromotors feature a self-supporting, ironless rotor winding. Take advantage of this motor type's zero cogging torque, smooth motion & speed control, and dynamic start-stop functionality.
  • High Power Permanent Magnet Motors
    High Power PMDC Motors
    PMDC Motors are robustly engineered with a brushed 2-pole DC motors and permanent magnetic fields. Their industrial design, high variability and magnetic field allows for maximum efficiency.