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MICROMO Products and Technologies

Coreless DC Motors DC Motors
DC Motors

Coreless DC motors from MICROMO differ from conventional, iron rotor DC motors in that they are equipped with an ironless, self-supporting, skew-wound copper coil.

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Brushless DC Motors Brushless DC Motors
Brushless DC Motors

With MICROMO’s rugged, compact, reliable brushless DC motors, the ironless, self-supporting, skew-wound copper coil is a component of the stator, and the mechanical commutation system is replaced by an integrated sensorless electronic unit with speed control.

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Motion Control Systems Motion Control Systems
Motion Control Systems

MICROMO's custom solutions include dynamic, compact drive systems such as brushless motors with integrated motion controllers.

Stepper Motors Stepper Motors
Stepper Motors

MICROMO’s custom solutions include a wide range of 1 and 2 phase stepper motors from the FAULHABER Group with higher power density and high performance.

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Piezo Motors Piezo Motors
Piezo Motors

MICROMO offers a variety of linear and rotary piezo motors with high force to size ratio and high precision.

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Linear DC Servomotors Linear Servomotors
Linear Servomotors

Self-supporting coil windings together with a high precision sliding cylinder (rod) filled with permanent magnets provide MICRMO’s linear dc servomotors with a particularly high performance-to-volume ratio.

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Encoders MICROMO Encoders
MICROMO Encoders

MICROMO’s custom solutions include a wide variety of magnetic, optical and capacitive encoders.

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Servo Components Servo Components
Servo Components

MICROMO offers servo components such as permanent magnet, single face brakes for DC motor systems.

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Gearheads Gearheads
Precision Gearheads

MICROMO’s range of precision gearheads includes spur, planetary and zero – backlash product options.

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Drive Electronics Drive Electronics
Drive Electronics

MICROMO's drive electronics are specifically designed to work with MICROMO's line of DC Motors, Brushless DC Motors, Stepper Motors, and Micro Drive product lines. MICROMO offers linear controllers, 2/4 Quadrant motion controllers, Synchronous drive motion controllers, and voltage and current mode drives.

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Micro Precision Systems Micro Precision Systems
Micro Precision Systems

MICROMO’s custom motion solutions include micromechanical systems such as high-precision 4-point contact and linear ball bearings as well as precision ball screws from the FAULHABER Group.

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Micro - Drives Micro-Drives
Micro Drives

MICROMO’s Micro-Drives line is your source for custom, iron core DC motor and drive systems that meet a wide range of performance requirements.

The Micro-Drives line provides the OEM market with fractional horsepower micro DC motors, gearheads, gearmotors and encoders for a variety of applications in markets such as medical and laboratory equipment, safety and security, transportation, automation and energy. The Micro-Drives line is just one of many custom motion solutions offerings from MICROMO.

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