• Custom, iron core, fractional horsepower micro DC motor and drive systems
  • Designed for a wide range of performance requirements
  • The Micro-Drives line is one of many custom motion solutions from MICROMO
  • The highest precision in the smallest space

Custom Motion Solutions in an economical package

MICROMO’s Micro-Drives line is your source for custom, iron core DC motor and drive systems that meet a wide range of performance requirements.

The Micro-Drives line provides the OEM market with fractional horsepower micro DC motors, gearheads, gearmotors and encoders for a variety of applications in markets such as medical and laboratory equipment, safety and security, transportation, automation and energy.  The Micro-Drives line is just one of many custom motion solutions offerings from MICROMO.

Why Micro-Drives?

  • Express Prototyping

  • Dedicated Machine Shop

  • State-of-the-art Testing

  • Just-in-Time Delivery

  • Full Service Partner

Micro-Drives Products

MICROMO’s Micro-Drives line offers an array of reliable components used in a variety of applications.  The components include precision, micro DC motors, DC gearmotors, precision gearheads and encoders.

In addition to a wide range of product features to meet varied performance requirements, our application engineering team expertise in drive technology  plays a key role with meeting custom requirements and offering benchmark solutions.  In-depth motion solution knowledge  as well as our commitment to value-added services allow us to offer exceptional drive systems.

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