Brushless DC Motors

With MICROMO’s brushless DC electric motor, the ironless, self-supporting, skew-wound copper coil is a component of the stator. The mechanical commutation system in these motors is replaced by an integrated sensor less electronic unit with speed control. This makes MICROMO's brushless DC motor a compact, reliable and extremely durable drive solution – perfect for continuous operation.

MICROMO offers the following Brushless DC Motors:

Features Brushless DC
Brushless Flat
DC Motors
Brushless DC Micromotors Brushless DC Motors
with Integrated
Speed Controller
Motion Control Systems
Outer Diameter 6 ... 44mm 12...26mm 1.9...6mm 15...32mm 22...35mm
Motor Length/
20...90mm 1.8...4.2mm 8...13mm 25...85mm 32...64mm
Commutation Electronic Electronic Electronic Electronic(integrated) Electronic
Shaft Diameter 1.0 ... 6.0 mm 1 mm 0.2 ... 2 mm 2 ... 5 mm 4 mm
Nominal Voltage 6 ... 48 V 0 ... 12 V 3 ... 6 V 9 ... 24 V 24 V
No Load Speed up to 100,000 rpm 20,000 ... 60,000 rpm 15,000 ... 100,000 rpm 1,000 ... 16,000 rpm 1.,500 rpm
Rated Torque 0.37 ... 202 mNm 0.05 ... 5 mNm 0.012 ... 41 mNm 1.8 ... 58 mNm 160 mNm
Weight 2.5 ... 750 g 1 ... 3 g 0.09 ... 2 g 16 ... 305 g 440 g
Shaft Bearings Ball Bearings Ball Bearings Sleeve Bearings Ball Bearings Ball Bearings
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BX4 Series Brushless DC Motor

The brushless DC Servomotors are designed for demanding drive applications under extreme operating conditions. The brushless DC servomotors are precise, have extremely long lifetimes, and are highly reliable. The lifespan of these motors depends solely on the bearings and electronic components used. On average, the lifetime may exceed 10,000 hours if the motors are operated within the recommended values indicated on the data sheet. These motors have exceptional qualities such as very low audible and EMI noise level. This design features the basic linear characteristics and absence of cogging torque of the traditional DC Motors System.

Autoclavable, Sterilizable Version for Medical Device Applications

This series of Brushless DC Servomotors is also available in an autoclavable, sterilizable version and is ideally suited for application in laboratory and medical equipment. The Brushless DC Servomotors design is changed by changing to an all stainless steel version of the motor, changing the lubrication, epoxy coating the motor coil, and conformally coating the PCB boards.

Sterilizing conditions for these Brushless DC Servomotors are:

  • Temperature of 134°C +/- 2°C
  • Water vapor pressure of 2.1 bar
  • Relative humidity of 100%
  • Duration of cycle of 20 minutes
  • Rated for a minimum of 100 cycles.

Servo amplifiers are available to drive the Brushless DC Servomotors. Other drive circuits for motion control can be offered to correspond to customers actual requirements.


  • Ironless skew wound coil technology
  • Brushless commutation
  • Sensorless feedback technology
  • Integrated electronics
  • Dynamically balanced rotor
  • smooth and quiet operation


  • Compact and cost-effective drive
  • High reliability - very long life
  • Extended linear speed torque characteristics
  • Safe environment - no commutation sparks
  • No cogging
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